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Specialized Vision Tests

When you receive an application form for certain professions, such as police force, RCMP and pilot, there is a vision section of the application that needs to be filled out. We here, at Brampton Family Eye Care, are able to complete the tests required for these vision requirements.

On these application forms they usually ask for:

Visual Acuity

Which checks how well you see with and without glasses. This is where we would ask you to read the chart, one eye at a time, and then together also.

Snellen chart 300x225
Snellen chart 2 300x225


Which is a way to see how well both your eyes can fuse images together in order to assess if you would see double vision in certain situations such as when you are tired. This is where we would show you a letter or letters and ask you to inform us of when they line up a certain way.


Which checks how well your depth perception is (as some say 3D vision). This is done by having you wear special 3D type glasses and a book is presented to you. You would have to advise us which icons appear to be popping up. The farther along you go, the better your stereopsis.

Stereo 2 224x300
Ishihara 2 763x1024

Colour Vision

Using a D-15 test or Ishihara test, this is to see if you have any colour vision deficiencies. D-15 is a much more specific colour vision test that only some offices carry, such as ourselves. With the D-15, you are expected to align colour palates in the correct order of their shades. With the Ishihara test, you would tell us what number you see on each colour plate. The further along you can go, the stronger your colour vision.


Peripheral Vision

This is done using a visual fields test, such as the Humphrey’s Visual Fields Analyzer, which will test how well you see in your side/peripheral vision. We do have this instrument in our office to fulfill this test requirement. In this test, you will be checked one eye at a time, and then with both eyes together. You will be asked to look straight ahead at a light. Around the sides you will see a light flash. Whenever you see this light, you will be asked to click a button. The more you see, the better results in your peripheral vision test.

VF 224x300

The Ministry of Transportation may also give you a vision form to bring to your optometrist to fill out if you failed the vision requirements in person when renewing or applying for your driver’s licence. This form is also commonly given to those who are diabetic and truck drivers, or to seniors over 80 yrs old who require more frequent driver licence renewal. Again, here at Brampton Family Eye Care, we can help to fill this form out to allow you to apply for your driver’s licence.

On these forms they usually ask for visual acuity and peripheral vision testing. This peripheral vision testing can only be done on certain visual field instruments, such as the Humphrey’s Visual Field Analyzer, which again, we do have here at our clinic.

Call us today to book your eye examination with us and let us know if you do have any of these forms that need us to fill out! We will be more than happy to assist in progressing you forward with your job application and driver’s licence.